Senior School


​​Welcome to the Senior School- Years 4, 5 and 6. As a Senior School student you have many opportunities offered to you this year (be sure to inform your classroom teacher of your interest):

  • Assembly every fortnight (odd week of the term) Tuesday 2:15 in the hall
  • Representative Sport: Kingfisher – Rugby, Netball, Districts etc.
  • Invitation to the ALPHA Club (must meet set academic criteria)
  • Select invitation to represent the school for Days of Excellence
  • Access to the Oval at break times
  • Access to the Senior Fitness Area at break times
  • Access to the computer lab at break times
  • Incursions and Excursions
  • Attend the Youth Adolescent Festival (YAF) (during school hours)
  • Leadership opportunities – Student Council Representative
  • Selmer Music test (Year 4)
  • Instrumental Music – Junior and Senior Band, Eisteddfod, Band Camp, Music Fest
  • Arts Extravaganza
  • Optiminds
  • Reader’s Cup
  • Choir
  • Guitar club (limited spaces)
  • Dance club – Eisteddfod
  • Stymie – web based reporting framework
  • Celebration Day activities – including Ribbon Ceremony, gold badge presentation, attendance awards
  • White Ribbon Assembly (anti violence)
  • Wellbeing Programs - Chic Chat (year 5 girls with Chaplain)
  • Rock and Water program (social and wellbeing program)
  • Access to Chaplain, Differentiation Coach, Guidance Officer, Head of Curriculum

Year 5 students only:

  • Year 5 students : Naplan Testing
  • Puberty Talks
  • Participate in Leadership program (Term 4 – set criteria applied)
  • Leadership Camp 
  • Leadership opportunities – nominations for Year 6 Leadership Positions include: School Captain/s, Vice Captain/s, House Captain/s, Band Captain/s, Playground Leaders, Monitor and Ushers 

Year 6 students only:

  • Leadership Ceremony – senior badge positions
  • Puberty Talks
  • Transition programs linking High schools
  • Graduation Ceremony and event

As a senior school student it is important that you know you will be expected to:

  • Embody the school rules
  • Wear your school uniform at all times
  • Be at school every day
  • Use a student diary
  • Complete all homework tasks
  • State your current reading level
  • Create and achieve learning goals for Literacy and Numeracy
  • Utilise 21st century skills – such as computers, laptops, ipads
  • Try your best
  • Make mistakes – this way you know you are challenging your thinking
  • Inform your parents of upcoming events

Important Calendar events for the Senior School students

(note list not exhaustive) Dress up event/s *

Leaders Badge Ceremony (4 – 6) Term 1

Leaders Camp (to be advised)

Celebration Day Term 1 (last week of term)


Sports Carnival Senior School (4 – 6)   Term 2 *

Youth Adolescent Festival (3 – 6) Term 2

Book Fair (Prep – 6) to be advised

Reporting (Prep – 6) Term 2

Parent Teacher Interview (Prep – 6) access via Parent Teacher Online (PTO) (on school website)

Mother’s Day Stall (Prep – 6) Term 2

Book Week (Prep – 6) Term 3*

Father’s Day Stall (Prep – 6) Term 3

NAIDOC Assembly (Prep – 6) Term 3

Science Week (Prep – 6) Term 3

Puberty Talks (5 and 6) Term 3


Arts Extravaganza (The Arts) Term 4

White Ribbon Assembly (Prep- 6) Term 4

Transition High School program (6) Term 4

Reporting (Prep – 6) Term 4

Parent Teacher Interview (Prep – 6) access via Parent Teacher Online (PTO) (on school website)

Senior Graduation (Year 6) Term 4


Fundraising events each term   *e.g. RUOK day (wear yellow), Harmony Day (wear orange), Day for Daniel (wear red), White Ribbon Day (wear white)


See attached calendar for general overview

The calendar is based loosely on previous years and is subject to change according to revision of dates and length of terms, and may be changed without notice.

Term 1 (PDF, 63KB)

Term 2 (PDF, 82KB)

Term 3 (PDF, 96KB)

Term 4 (PDF, 85KB)

Last reviewed 23 July 2021
Last updated 23 July 2021