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Our school

Flagstone State School opened at the beginning of 1998. Currently there more than 680 students enrolled.

Our motto

Together we build the future 

Our vision 

Our vision is to empower students to strive and become aspiring active and productive learners within a challenging, ever changing global society.

Staff have a shared commitment to foster a love of learning in a richly diverse, safe and caring environment.

Our commitment 

We value:

  • Inclusive educational and social outcomes for all students
  • Professionalism of staff
  • Excellence in education
  • School and community partnerships
  • The natural and social environments

Our educational beliefs 

We believe in:

  • A supportive environment promotes effective learning
  • Human diversity needs to be understood, respected and celebrated
  • The whole school community has the opportunity to access quality learning
  • Learning is an essential life-long process
  • An involved and informed community is vital to quality learning

Our operating principles 


In our organisation of the school and classroom we will remember:

  • Our core business is individualised developmental learning for the whole person
  • We are client-centred and outcomes focussed
  • A flexible, supportive environment allows our learning and teaching to occur within a framework of change
  • We work in teams to achieve high quality learning
  • We create connections by negotiating, agreeing, reviewing and following through


In school curriculum programs and in teaching we will promote effective learning and teaching through:

  • Setting high expectations of individual students and ourselves
  • Maximising time on task
  • Using varied teaching strategies
  • Implementing developmental learning and cohesive teaching across the school
  • Using best practice


In our dealings with one another we will follow the principles of:    

  • Respect for the rights and dignity of ourselves and others
  • Responsibility for our actions
  • Integrity in our dealing with the people around us
  • Cooperation to achieve our own and the school’s goals