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Student services and support programs

Chaplain Services

Hi my name is Elise Sharp or I'm better known as Chappy Elise or just Chappy.  I have worked for SU Qld as a Primary School Chaplain since 2014.  My love for working with young teenagers and children on a volunteer basis is what initially drew me in to working as a Chaplain within a school context.  As a Chaplain I get to walk alongside students on a daily basis, as they go through daily challenges of life.   I am here as a role model and someone that they can talk too and not be judged.   I am here to be impartial and to be an advocate.  Sometimes life can be tough for us as Adults but our young children are affected by what they see and hear also.  School Chaplains support young people in one of today's most high pressure environments - the schoolyard. SU Qld Chaplains provide a safe, positive influence for your children.   We are in the prevention and support business; helping students find a better way to deal with issues ranging from family breakdown, loneliness, depression, anxiety just to name a few.  Chaplains also provide support to school staff and parents within the school communities.
I  run Programs within school, currently I am running a Program which is called Chic Chat, this is a program which is offered to young girls.  I also get to play handball with the students, the students love versing Chappy and beating me in a friendly competition of handball in the school playground. 
If you would like to catch up with me please call the office.
I look forward to meeting with you.