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Year 4D Work Samples


​Year 4D have been writing poetry in class this week. They explored personification, simile and metaphors when writing about the sun and moon.


Please see samples below

Our Sun
The sun blazes, like a living volcano, deep in the earth, as far as man can dig
The sun rises, like a ballet dancer in flight
The sun blinds us, like the light of a body at peace
The sun rises like a gumball to a child’s mouth
The sun moves gracefully, like a dancer across the wooden floor
The sun weeps, warm tears of grief
The sun is hot, like the burst of a boxing glove out of the ring
The sun burns hot, like a chameleon in Autumn leaves
The sun laughs nervously, like a comedian on their first show
The sun sparkles and dances across the sky, chased like a 100m sprinter
The sun boils, like a person on the edge of destruction
The sun jumps, like a jumping bean springs
The sun beams, calling us to the heavens
The sun rises, like a young baby looking for its mum
The sun watches, like tuned-in security cameras
The sun dances, like Silento in his latest music video
The sun scorches, like a hard worker home from mining the earth away
The sun shone peacefully, like the morning star, first out at night
The sun burns, like a hot chilli on tender lips
The sun smiles, content that no one knows its age
Our Moon
The moon shines like a sparkling star
The moon shines like the midnight star
The moon shines like a disco ball
The moon shines like a sun beam, brighter than ever
The moon shines like a diamond in the sky
It dances like a playful frog hopping lily to lily
It floats like a silly rubber duck
It smiles like a comedian on its first show
It glitters like the shining sun, gazing upon Earth
It floats like an astronaut tethered to its spaceship
It watches like a stalker, at the top of the verandah, ready to pounce on its prey
It dances like a ballet performer on a bright stage, lit by its own magnificence
It waits like a shooting star, ready for flight
It waits like a sleeping lion
It waits like a rock, solid and undiscerning
It smiles like a hot summer day
It watches like an old man following his footy team, loyal and unwavering
It smiles like a lion, devouring his meat feast
It dances like an active cheerleader
It floats like a royal lantern, released in commemoration